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Why is it so important to stop animals from living in the attic?

Recently, my client got a signed back offer with the mortgage approval and home inspection conditions. We were both excited that he was getting a new home soon. My client contacted a home inspector who has over 10 years of experience and fantastic reviews. I was on site with my client, and everything seemed smooth until the home inspector tried to go into the attic.

Upon opening the attic cover, lots of styrofoam and insulation material felt from the top, so he had to close it. He tried to open it a few more times, but failed since there were too many things falling down, including some dry animal manure. I am convinced that he deserved the $500 that my client paid for.

It took him about 5 mins to open the cover as the dust felt on his eyes again and again. Finally, he could went in. My client climbed up after the inspector and took a picture. I was surprised when he showed me. I had heard how bad it was but never saw it in person. We were told that there were several animal made stains on the attic. The insulation was contaminated. The only good thing was that most of the plastic underneath prevented the feces from going through the wood even though some plastic had been ripped off.

We called animal control after and were told that depending on how seriously it was contaminated, the cost would be different. They can first install a one way door for the animal to leave the house. The next step need to find the broken section of the attic and fix it so that the animal cannot come back. Only after that they can remove the waste, deodorize, and put back the insulation. The total cost is about three to five thousand dollars depending on the size of the house.

The attic was comprised of urine and feces as the animals build their nests. This is going to increase the energy costs due to a decrease in insulation efficiency. Moreover, it leaves the home smelling foul and can even put your family’s health at risk.

Physical damage to attic insulation is just one of the dangers of an animal infestation. Their waste is known to carry a variety of infectious diseases that can put your loved ones in danger. Diseases like leptospirosis, hantavirus, and even the plague are a possibility when animals are nesting in your attic.

If your attic has a contamination due to animal waste, or if there is any damage from trampling or shredding from the critters building their nests, replace the insulation.

In order for you and your family to enjoy the fresh air and disease free home, please contact your animal control expert to inspect your attic if you suspect any animal activities.

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