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It's a new year! It is a new START!

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

I used to write my new year resolution in my calendar. I guess I want to move that to this blog that I have now!

-About you, about you and all about you!

Know why you want to buy? What you want to buy? Where you want to buy? What your concerns about buying are the most important factors for a good relationship to begin with. We need to seek out a lot of answers and plan out together. Know why you want to sell? How you would like to sell? How much you want to sell? Planning an effective strategy together, I will help you to sell!

- Knowledge, knowledge and knowledge!! Increase a lot more knowledge about Real Estate market! Every single piece of information is constantly changing. It is very important to understand it and use it!

- Research, Research and Research!! Do more research on the neighbourhood! Why is it better or why is it worse? What is the market value of the house and why? What are the added features in the neighbourhood? What is the trend of the market?

- Working closely with mortgage banker and broker so that I can always provide basic and reference information for my clients.

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